The fridge that became a symbol of community spirit

Those that have taken the road through Bungendore this summer may have come across a surprising sight when passing through the town – a fridge, set on the side of the road to provide firefighters with icy poles, drinks and snacks for the trek along Kings Highway during the challenging fire season.

Set up by the local Hooper family, the fridge quickly gained attention far and wide and saw the community replenishing stock to keep the firies going. The fridge has since become a symbol of community spirit.

A convoy of trucks will go out on Friday the 21st to pick up the fridge and take it to the National Museum of Australia, which is documenting the impact of the unprecedented fire season. The aim is to “typify the kindness and community spirit of Australians facing difficult times”, as stated by the museum’s director, Dr Mathew Trinca.

While the iconic fridge is moving into its new permanent home in Canberra, the community spirit lives on strong in the region that’s still on the road to recovery. Bungendore and Braidwood, both popular stops for Canberrans on the way to the South Coast, have gone through a challenging time in recent months with fire, drought and road closures putting summer on hold. Now, however, both towns are open for business, so the best way to help is to go out, visit the local shops and eateries and spend with them.

Read the full story on The Canberra Times and browse ideas for your next visit to Queanbeyan-Palerang.

Firefighters in Bungendore

Image: Courtesy of the Carwoola Rural Fire Brigade

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