Royal Mail Hotel Braidwood


02 4842 2488
Check in Time
$65 - $110
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Discover Braidwood from the colonial style building, the Royal Mail Hotel was built in 1890. The Royal Mail Hotel (formerly Royal Hotel) served as a staging point for coaches in the gold rush and early settlement. Since that time the building has been well maintained in keeping with its heritage. The name change was made in 1970 when the Mick Jagger film Ned Kelly utilised the pub for a variety of scenes.

Excellent country style pub accommodation with shared amenities.

Wholesome country style meals for lunches and dinners are served in the Bushranger Bistro daily.

The function room and beer garden combined with friendly, welcoming staff make this grand old pub a great place to visit and stay.


Communal Shower
Family Friendly
Games or recreation room
Non Smoking
Open Fireplace
Outdoor Dining Area
Free Wifi

Contact information

Location145-147 Wallace Street, Braidwood NSW 2622

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