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152 Wallace Street, Braidwood NSW 2622
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This pretty country town, 72 kilometres to the east of Canberra, has historic Georgian buildings, beautiful old stone churches, 100-year-old oak trees and craft and antique shops. The town is an artistic hub, with the studios of artists, potters, iron workers, craftspeople and fashion designers all based in the town’s historic buildings.

Braidwood was listed on the National Heritage Register to honour its old historic buildings which include the Old Court House, various stone churches and the veranda enclosed hotel.

Ryrie Park in the middle of town is a popular stopping spot for tourists with barbecues, toilets and a playground for the kiddies. It is a short walk to the shops.

There are plenty of things to keep you entertained in and around Braidwood. Browse through galleries, antique shops and craft stores, learn about the gold rush era at the Braidwood Museum or have a beer at the Royal Mail Hotel.

Nearby are waterfalls, bushwalking trails, caves and native flora and fauna in the surrounding national parks.

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Location152 Wallace Street, Braidwood NSW 2622

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