Attack of the Buns

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1/12-14 Gibraltar St, Bungendore NSW 2621
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Attack of the Buns commences in Bungendore and finishes at Bundanoon. True to its name, this three-day bike-pack requires stamina as you ride through four towns, natural parks and forest trails.

This is a beautiful ride for the gravel grinder or roadie, through some of NSW Tablelands’ most spectacular sclerophyll forests, sandy coastal woodlands and lush rainforest. A bit of everything as you criss cross in and out of Tallaganda and Morton National Parks, State Forest and Reserves. The trail links three car-free forest trails with quiet gravel backroads and just a few short paved sections. Scenery includes abundant wildlife, stunning sandstone rock formations and majestic cliffs.

Situated on the back doorstep of the nation’s capital city, this is a popular route with local bike-packers; and an easily accessible long-weekender. It’s definitely one for the nature-lovers; and a great escape. Sit back each night by the warmth of a campfire. Enjoy a morning cup of tea by the fire before you head out to enjoy the next day’s adventure.


  • You’ll start in Bungendore for any last minute tune-ups and fuelling pre-departure; and finish in Bundanoon.
  • The ride does require some transport logistics, either via car-shuffles between two drivers, some committed friends or family members willing to help out, or via public transport. The drive time direct from Bungendore to Bundanoon is about 1 and 1/2 hours, and 145km via the Hume Highway. There are bus and train connections to both Bungendore and Bundanoon. Full details are available via NSW Transport.


  • Predominantly wide, smooth fire trails and car-free country roads – a gravel-grinders’ paradise.
  • No technical skills required, though you may encounter some overgrown sections in some areas, and just one relatively steep section which might see you needing to hike-your-bike.

Food & Drink
This trail passes through four small towns where you can get a meal and replenish some basic supplies.

  • The first of these is Braidwood, at about 40km into the ride after leaving Bungendore;
  • then Nowra around 100km later;
  • and finally Kangaroo Valley before finishing in Bundanoon.

Both Braidwood and Kangaroo Valley are quaint heritage townships where you’ll be able to find some great coffee options and meals. Nowra is a sizeable city of over 32,000 people, where you can find anything and everything you could possibly need. With that, however, comes a lack of the old town charm and character of Braidwood and Kangaroo Valley, and the relative hustle may come as a surprise after the peace and solitude of the trail. Braidwood to Nowra is the longest stint without any resupply options. This section is 160km, so come prepared.


  • We recommend making the short detour to Tianjara Falls, as well as Renown Lookout and others. You’ll be well rewarded with breathtaking views.
  • If camping is not your cup of tea, this trail can easily be ridden with overnight stops in the townships along the way. You can still carry small panniers or backpack with a change of clothes or have a friend/family member meet you along the way by car.Gibraltar Street

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